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"I've said it before, but epic is a word that gets tossed around a little too much, and a little too lightly, these days. However, epic is the absolute best way to describe this music with its big production and instrumentation....No, this is not your ordinary Christmas album. It's a masterfully composed Christmas journey meant for the stage. It's epic! Including himself, Dsouza features 14 different singers and musicians in the production. It's a stacked talent pool from top to bottom and Dsouza leads them wonderfully.


While I do think the live aspect would give a better representation of the story, it remains a moving and chilling listen without the stage." (Read Full Review at JESUSFREAKHIDEOUT)

written by Michael Weaver of

The music, lyrics and total biblical story brings the audience into a realm of the "Heavenly Hosts"

Allow this musical ensemble to speak to your soul as only fine music can do!

- Fr. Jim Sichko

The level of talent in this Christmas production is incredible. Joslin is an amazing Artist. King of the nations is a must see Christmas production for all

- Fr. Don Zeiler. St Gabriel's the Arch Angel Catholic Church, Mckinney TX

Walking into this show “King of the Nations”, we were unsure what to expect. We found a lively, entertaining and high energy production from the first note. The quality of the music you will hear is truly amazing.

- Pastor George Hancock. Christian World Church.Richardson TX. 

King of the Nations is an extraordinary musical adaptation of the most important event to take place in human history: the birth of Jesus Christ.  A beautiful Christian arrangement telling a story that is so timely for our culture to hear.

- Mike Cavalier, Cinemark Inc. 

King of The Nations is a must-see, musical masterpiece!  It presents The Nativity and it’s lead-up in a captivating and powerful new way that underscores it's profound significance and God’s boundless love for all humanity.  Don’t miss it!

- Steve Mueller, Mesa/Boogie.

King of Nations is a spiritual masterpiece and truly transcendent. Regardless of how well you already know the miraculous story of the birth of Jesus Christ, you cannot attend this amazing event and not feel inspired and uplifted. I look forward to watching King of Nations again this year and every Christmas season. 


– Peter Litwin, PepsiCo, Inc. 

Usher in 5 Grammy nominated songs along with a whole new sound track of truly Divinely Inspired music by attending or listening to Joslin Dsouza's Nativity Concert Experience. I encourage anyone to go with friends and family to appreciate this modern day adaptation of the reason for the season...

- Jonathan Pike - Live Sound Engineer, ZZ Top, Sly and Family Stone, Led Zeppelin, ELP, Miles Davis, Chicago, Tower of Power. 

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