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KOTN Review from 'JesusFreakHideout'

Nov 4, 2017

Michael Weaver and Scott Fryberger give their thoughts on 'King of the Nations'. Also included is the interview with Joslin.


"...I've said it before, but epic is a word that gets tossed around a little too much, and a little too lightly, these days. However, epic is the absolute best way to describe this music with its big production and instrumentation."

From the KOTN Vault - This is My Son

Nov 1 2017

As the shepherds and the welcomed strangers leave; as the angels return to their heavenly abode; There was only the light of the star left. And in that ray of light lay Mary, holding her child. Her Son. The Savior of mankind.


Imagine being in Mary’s place! The creator of the universe, in the arms of a young girl as a fragile helpless mortal. Imagine the mystery of that wonderment!!!

Mary saw all that was to come and this is what she had to sing to her son and to the whole world.

KOTN Concerts 2017

Oct 1 2017

Concert dates are up. 

King of the Nations Concerts 2016

Dec 25 2016

King of the Nations Concerts 2016 were a great success. Thank you to all the performers, supporters and fans who helped make another year of King of the Nations a great success. Please revisit the concerts at the gallery page with brand new pics form the concerts. 


November 1

Check out the brand new music video from 'King of the Nations' called 'The Spirit Song'. Experience what Elizabeth felt when Mary, the mother of Jesus came to visit her.

BIG NEWS...!!!!!

Oct 22 2016

We are proud to announce that 'King of the Nations' Album has been included in the Ballot for voting for the 2017 Grammys in 5 categories.

King of the Nations 2016 Concert Dates

Concert dates for King of the Nations are now up, click on SHOWS. 


Mark your calendars and tell your friends and family about one of the best Christmas Concerts you will ever witness. 

KOTN 2015 Concerts were a success.

Dec 2015

The KOTN 2015 Debut Concert series were a great success. To re live the concert please visit the Gallery for some of the sights of the Shows. Please do come back in Dec 2016 for more shows. 

Teaser Trailer 2 (2015)

Nov 2015

Check out the new Teaser Trailer for the King of the Nations Concert experience.

GRN Alive Radio Interview

Nov 2015

Check out the radio interview of Joslin with Dave Palmer of GRN Radio network, Dallas. 

Official KOTN 2015 Trailer

Oct 18th, 2015

Click here to watch the newly released King of the Nations Concert experience trailer for 2015. Head on to youtube to watch, comment and share. 

KOTN Tickets On sale TODAY

Oct 18th 2015

Tickets to the King of the Nations Concert are now available online. Please click the link below for more info. 

Interview with Dave Palmer of GRN Radio Network

Sept 2015

Check out Joslin's interview with Dave Palmer at the GRN Radio network for The King of the Nations Concert Experience. 

King of the Nations Rehearsals...

Oct 6, 2015

King of the nations rehearsals have begun. Head over to the facebook page to get all the info and scoop on behind the scenes and more...

King of the Nations Album to be released Dec 1, 2015

Dec 1, 2015

Get ready to experience the full story of the Nativity with the release of 'King of the Nations' the complete album on Dec 01, 2015...

King of the Nations - Music Video

Dec 2014

Check out the official music video of 'King of the Nations'  on Youtube here. 

KOTN Teaser Trailer 2

Dec 2014

Teaser Trailer for King of the nations release is here.... Check out a glimpse into the making of the Music video that will be out soon on Dec 11th, 2014.

KOTN Teaser Trailer 1

Nov 2014

Teaser trailer 1 for King of the nations is out today. Check out the clip on Youtube. Add, Share, Post and tweet to friends.


It begins.... Dec 11th 2014.

November 2014

The official Facebook page for King of the nations is up and running. Please subscribe and share with friends. Everything you need to know about KOTN on the go will be updated here.

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